Friday, February 20, 2009

"Go for it!"

I'm feeling pretty puny today so I'm keeping it short. This is the first Arcade game that I was really good at, I discovered Crazy Climber at one of the very first arcades in our surrounding area when I was growing up called Games People Play. The dual joysticks were a first I believe, each one controlling one hand for climbing up the skyscraper while avoiding being pooped on by buzzards or having residents of the building knock you off as they drop potted plants on your head...I'm not quite sure what the story is for your character but he must have really done something bad to cause people to shut windows on his fingers and smile as he plumets to the concrete below.
The offer for this on the Atari 2600 was what made me join the Atari club in my youth...I never got my 2600 cartridge though...
Nevertheless this arcade is where I learned a couple of things:
1) My father and Star Castle should never ever be in the same room together.
2) I really do play better when people are watching me.
In case you were wondering about that Star Castle dad lost his temper when the game "cheated" and he shoved the entire arcade cabinet backwards. Luckily the main floor of the arcade had the cabinets in a circle, so Crazy Climber actually broke the fall of the other machine.


Dax said...

I was always intimidated by Crazy Climber. It was the two joysticks thing. My wee brain had a hard time understanding how you could play a video game without a button.

Vic Sage said...

In a Brian Blessed voice, "You play it with skill, lad, skill!"