Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Alive!

When I first saw this game advertised in Electronic Gaming I was pretty excited for it to arrive at the local Wal-Mart...sadly it never did. Years and years later as the Emulator became common enough for even someone technologically ignorant as myself to install I was able to enjoy this strange little game.
You will start off with a white colored Frankenstein's monster at the top of the screen, as the level progresses and more lightning strikes hit the monster he will gradually become all green and break out. Three levels separate you from the monster and it is your task to carry bricks/stones up to the top level, one at a time, so you may wall up the monster. Of course this would be a little easier if you didn't have to worry about the ghosts upon the top level, spiders and pits in the center, and the need to ride a floating timber in a pool of acid on the first level as well as more spiders. If you make it up to the third level you will be presented with a new screen in which you must run through bats to place the brick/stone in place.
While this game plays basically like a Pitfall clone on the whole it lacks a reliable collision detection system so when you jump on a log to safely cross the acid pit, even though your feet are touching it, you still fall in.
When you lose your three lives you are 'treated' to the monster breaking free and stomping towards the screen. In fact, I found a better player than I on Youtube so enjoy:

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