Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Box Art Wednesday. What if?

Taxi 8 bit by RetroPeachy

Faulty towers by RetroPeachy

Golden girls by RetroPeachy

We have a very special presentation of Box Art Wednesday for you readers! Thanks to the incredible musical talent of my friend, Peachy, from over at the Retroist I am able to post some of his 8-bit musical offerings for your enjoyment.

Because who of us hasn't wondered what a Taxi NES game would sound like? Peachy can answer that question and more for you over at

Since I have an Atari Label Maker at my disposal I went ahead and created these what if? cartridge scans for these popular TV shows.

Angela's Theme/Taxi - Peachy


Christopher Tupa said...

Awesome! Too cool guys! This is great stuff to draw to.

Vic Sage said...

Thanks Chris! But all the praise goes to Peachy of course, all I had to do was slap some artwork together. He is the genius behind the music! :)

Peachy said...

Oh wow thanx! Thats awesome!