Monday, April 5, 2010

Exciting weekend for Encom.

The gaming world has been abuzz since Encom announced two weeks ago that Alan Bradley himself would deliver some exciting news about a new product in the pipeline. Last Friday evening, Mr. Bradley who was joined by his wife Lora, announced the soon to be online version of the classic Kevin Flynn programmed Space Paranoids game. He even went so far as to describe the amount of effort he had to work at to keep Space Paranoids from being an updated remake, that is correct, we will get to play the original like we remembered it. Although Bradley mentioned he made sure the programmers added 15 additional levels that came from Kevin Flynn's own workstation.

Of course the big moment came when the press conference was interrupted by the public group known as Flynn Lives, this was made easier as an Encom helicopter soared overhead and a parachutist swooped down over the crowd, landing and jumping into a waiting vehicle nearby. Most of the attendees, both Encom employees and Flynn Lives members think that it was Sam Flynn himself who parachuted down.

Moments later a spokeswoman for Encom apologized for the interruption and shut down the conference since things had gone so far out of control.

I for one wish I could have been in the audience myself but while the Radium Chimp training went well we had a massive cooling leak from one of the main reactors. Luckily everything is fixed and I am able to report that only three henchmen lost their lives controlling the leak. So a pretty exciting weekend all around.

A big thanks to the Blue Parrot for the photos above!

Angela - Bob James

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