Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

The Commodore 64 offers us a nice selection of box art for todays post, and a huge thank you to for the scanned covers above!
I really like the style of that Dan Dare cover art, I believe EA released two more sequels for it, and looking at the reviews on the lemon64 site it seems to have been a pretty nice game to play.
I owned and still do the James Bond cartridge for the C-64, I also remember the difficulty I had playing the Diamonds Are Forever stage. Grrr.
I've never played the Raid on Bungeling Bay but I remember staring at the ad for it...quite frankly that is a terribly menacing cover in my opinion.
Old Mr. Keeg - Douglas Pipes


CritAnime said...

I love the cover art for the Dizzy games. Even though the spin-off games were a pile of monkey feces wrapped in clingfilm. They all still had great cover art.

I also love the cover for Action Biker. I am talking about the KP Skips tie in cover and not the other cover available for it...

Vic Sage said...

Let me see what I can do about finding those, Crit. :)

CritAnime said...

Oh I already own em so i can sit and look as much as I want.

I am doing it right now in fact.

Oh yeah that's the good stuff. Oh whats that you want me to sniff you?


Oh you dirty C64 tape.