Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Supercade!

It's an 8-bit art show for this Saturday Supercade!

1.) You have to be careful when exploring this crazy thing we call life because around every corner there might just be a lurking Pitfall tile created scorpion waiting for you.

2.) I guess when your water pipes begin to pour out 8-bit pixelated water your only choice is to call on the Mario Bros. plumber company.

3.) Wonderful Tron representation from the I am 8-bit art exhibit. End of Line.

4.) Why use spray paint when you can create an entire Donkey Kong out of post-it notes?

5.) A nicely crafted laptop tote bag featuring Pitfall Harry doing his thing.

The Spirit Of Adventure - Michael Giacchino


CritAnime said...

I have seen some of these done before. Pretty good stuff and I like the running pipe one.

Vic Sage said...

I sure would like to have those Tron 'lights' on my wall. Of course there is not a week that goes by that I don't think I need more Tron stuff on my walls. :)

CritAnime said...


I was working on a Mega Man cross stitch thing. Unfortunately in the move it was packed in a box never to be seen again. A gift the moving gods perhaps.