Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Five games that would go into my home arcade.

1.) Sinistar, the sit down version
2.) Crazy Climber
3.) Donkey Kong
4.) Robotron 2084
5.) Dragon's Lair


Lightbulb Detective Agency said...

good choices..


1.) Gyruss
2.) Escape from the planet of the robot monsters
3.) Crystal Castles
4.) Star Wars
5.) Dragons Lair

Vic Sage said...

Didn't Land of Oz at the mall have Escape from the planet of the robot monsters?

Stewed Hamm said...

Sweet - I never knew there was a sit-down version of Sinistar. Now all those cowards mining Sini-Jewels can be afraid in relative comfort.
I recall putting plenty of quarters into Robot Monsters at the Union. That was a great game.

My Arcade would consist of the following:
Mr. Do's Castle
Crazy Taxi

Dax said...

I played Robot Monsters at the mall, yeah. That was the origin of the infamous "Red guy's gonna die" moment, I believe.


Star Wars (sit-down version preferably, but hell, I'd take either)
Discs of Tron

I'm scared to plug in my Sinistar game these days...I have a feeling nothing will happen when I do. Its been a long time.

Stewed Hamm said...

"Red guy's gonna die" was Midnight Resistance at the Fiesta Square Walhalla. You lose 1 point of Vel Lore.