Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"I'm on my way!"

I was a happy camper during 1990, I had seen Batman mania sweep the world the year before and now it looked like Dick Tracy was going to do the same...but it didn't, not really. However it did release a slew of merchandise that rivaled that of the caped crusader and that was fine by me.

The NES game for Dick Tracy at the beginning of each level you would be at police headquarters and you would have to look at what clues you were given, after looking up the villain you needed from the mug shot book you had to hit the streets and head to their last known location. It was then that the game switched to a driving level and once you arrived at your destination, assuming you hadn't been picked off by snipers on the top of buildings, it became a side-scroller with you on foot, punching and occasionally shooting some plug-uglies.

I had a real blast with this game but to be honest the Sega Genesis version while not really having any of the sleuthing contained more excitement and was also a lot more difficult.


Dax said...

Hmm. That Breathless Mahoney there looks more like Kim Basinger than Madonna.

Vic Sage said...

Perhaps you have uncovered a mystery?