Monday, May 11, 2009

"Well blow me down!"

As mentioned in an earlier post, Popeye, was one of those arcade games that was placed on the bottom level of Showbiz Pizza. For the longest time it was side by side with Donkey Kong Jr. in fact.

I have some fond memories of this 1982 game, I put a lot of time in breaking the bottles hurled at me by the Sea Hag, not to mention trying to get the heck out of the way of Brutus/Bluto as he came barreling up and down the stairs. Each level had you trying to collect a different item, the first level you needed 24 hearts to progress, the second level was 16 musical notes, and lastly the letters to spell 'help'.

Beside the Sea Hag, Brutus/Bluto, there were also appearances by Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea and Wimpy.


Dax said...

For some reason this game and Burgertime are filed together in my mind.

Wimpy and his burgers, maybe?

Vic Sage said...

Any reason?