Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Belmont!

Might as well continue in the Castlevania theme considering the last post. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse was released to the NES, the last of the series for the original system, in 1990. This game is a prequel to the first game, taking place 215 years before Simon picked up his whip and 100 years before the gameboy title The Castlevania Adventure, which starred Christopher Belmont.

Dracula's Curse was a departure from the first two NES games by allowing you to have allies to call upon should you need them or in my case want to play them instead of Trevor Belmont. Upon this quest were three allies against Dracula's darkness.

1.)Sypha Belnades-a priestess of the Church. (magic-user)
2.)Grant DaNasty-a pirate. (Acrobat)
3.)Alucard-a Dhampir. (Shape-changer and magic-user)

In this game you learn that the Holy Church had banished the Belmont family from Wallachia (Romania) due to the Belmon'ts remarkable strength. However the year is now 1476 and Dracula is unleashing all manner of dark beasts on the land, so the Church puts out the call for a Belmont to return and combat the evil of the Count.

Once again this game has different endings...hopefully I will be able to track these down a bit later today and post them.

I have fond memories of this game though I never beat it. At that time I was pretty much trying to play every NES game that came out and sometimes for whatever reason one like Castlevania III would be played and quietly fade away...always meaning to get back to it but never did. Of course with the Wii I can download it for like five bucks so maybe I should get cracking...whip cracking? Sorry.

A little side note on this title. In High-School I actually had given Movie Magic, one of our small video stores in the area, my Drama Teacher's telephone number and whenever a certain game would come in the manager would call me during Drama III to let me know that he was holding it for me. Which would result in my calling my father at the factory, leaving a note for him with the receptionist, 'Dracula's Curse in. Movie Magic'.

Those days of video store service are gone...

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