Friday, June 19, 2009

Beware the Melody of the Mountain King!

Their was a neighborhood boy who owned the Atari 5200 and I would sometimes find myself invited into his house to play some games. One of the games he owned was Mountain King along with Pac-Man which I've said before just put the 2600 version to shame, but Mountain King was a pretty good title to be sure. Plus you had that nice looking artwork on the cover, as always click the pics to make 5200 size!

You are an explorer who's goal is to reclaim the golden crown from the Temple Chamber then carry it to the Perpetual Flame that resides on the mountain's highest peak. To do so you must gather up enough diamonds and treasure chests to obtain a score of over 1,000 points, this will allow you access to the Flame Spirit...which is kind of a key. It's kind of cool because once you hit the 1,000 point mark the sound would fade and be replaced with a melody one that became increasingly louder the nearer you came to the Flame Spirit.

Of course you only had a flashlight...which would drive away the bats as well as reveal treasure chests but didn't really do anything to the giant spider in its lair...which sucked because that lair really help a boatload of treasure and made getting the necessary points much, much quicker. So if you could avoid the giant spider you had it made.

Once you reached the summit and placed the crown in the Temple Chamber you were rewarded with flashing lights and a victory tune...then you started all over.

Now for the commercial...

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