Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sidesteppers will get you every time.

Don't let the 'realistic' paintings of Luigi and Mario up above fool you. This all about the last picture, Mario Bros. Long before they became Super the two brothers were in New York city trying to clean up the sewers.

With a list of villains named, Sidesteppers, Shellcreeper, and Fighter Fly you can bet this was an 80's game. Of course there was also Freezie which would melt and encase the floors with ice so that you went slipping and sliding everywhere but that surely isn't a villain....but an elemental.

Though Mario had last been seen chasing after Donkey Kong, Shigeru Miyamoto, its creator decided that with the pipes in the game and Mario already wearing overalls he should have a new profession. A plumber. Miyamoto has gone on record as saying the level designs were inspired by another arcade game, Joust.

I had a chance to play this game yesterday at an area arcade...and I've lost my knack. I'll have to brush up on some of those old skills before I head to 1984.

Enjoy the Atari commercial for Mario Bros.


Dax said...

I actually prefer the original Mario Bros. to most of the Super ones (all of 'em but Super Mario Bros. 2, specifically).

Vic Sage said...

Is it Toad that sold you on Super Mario Bros. 2?

Dax said...


Sorry, I mean, NO.

It was Luigi and his super crazy slow jumping.