Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Hey Spengler! The kid found a secret passage."

The wait for the midnight release was well worth it. I've had a childish glee as I played this game for a couple of hours before work, mainly because hearing Ray Stantz telling me how great a job I'm doing is almost...dream like. Ha, ha.

So far I've been fortunate enough to use the heck out of my PKE meter as well as the spectral imaging goggles supplied to me. I've fought the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man as pictured above the text, being held by the cable attached to my ghost trap, thanks to Ray. Luckily this manifestation of Gozer isn't as powerful as his last visit five years ago. I forgot to mention the game takes place in 1991.

I've found Vigo's painting in the firehouse and just before I had to come to work I and the rest of the team were called to the New York Public Library because a female librarian apparition had been seen. Which got Ray and Egon incredibly excited as they hadn't had the chance to catch her the first time they met.

I also found out why she is 'stuck' there...a man tried to swindle her in a marriage scheme back in the early 1900's and when she found out about it she called off the wedding...and he killed her and buried her in the boiler room. He was eventually caught but never revealed the location of her corpse or the others he claimed to have murdered. I can only assume I will encounter the killer as well before I am done with the Library.

This will probably be the last I speak of the Ghostbuster game, I thank you readers for putting up with this and my frequent information and reminiscing on the Castlevania series.

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