Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

Today's Box Art Wednesday is brought to you by the letter J for Jaguar.
I've not had the pleasure of playing any of these titles on an Atari Jaguar nor have I played anything on a Jaguar in fact. I was firmly entrenched with the Sega Genesis and the SNES consoles at that time of its debut.

Released in November 1993 only in the New York and San Francisco Bay area before expanding to the rest of the United States in 1994, the Jaguar console was meant to be a conqueror of the SNES and Genesis systems. Atari hoped that it would win gamers over by its claim of being the only 64-Bit system on the market. However it didn't have the titles to keep itself afloat and by 1995 the Jaguar was all but no more.

In the late 90's it is reported that Hasbro Interactive took control when it bought out the Atari properties and declared the console and open platform allowing for homebrew games to be created. From the Wikipedia entry: "A few developers, including Telegames and Songbird Productions, have not only released previously unfinished materials from the Jaguar's past, but also several brand new titles to satisfy the system's cult following."

The Moment Of Truth - Survivor (Karate Kid Soundtrack)

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