Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Box Art Wednesday...Boomstick Edition!

Out of the mists of 1984 comes this bit of information that I suppose was kept safely within the pages of the Necronomicon itself. There was a Commodore 64/Spectrum ZX Evil Dead computer game! Palace Software developed and published the title on a data cassette tape.

You take on the role of Ashley Williams as you try to collect the pages from the Book of the Dead while trying to protect yourself from the Evil that lies in the woods as they assault the cabin trying to 'swallow your soul'. Ash doesn't have to fight back the evil with just his cutting wit alone, he can get his hands on shovel, axes, and some good old fashioned boomsticks as well as...Excalibur? Apparently this is considered freeware now and Deadites.Net claims it is available on almost every Commodore 64 Emulation site.

I would have given some of my treasured Infocom titles to have had this in my collection back in my youth. A big thanks to Deadites.Net for the above pictures!

If any of you readers have been lucky enough to play this title, please drop us a comment below.

Good Old Reliable Jake - Evil Dead: Original Broadway Cast Album


Peachy said...

Say hello to my heavily pixilated Boomstick!

Vic Sage said...

"I swear..if one of you 8-bit characters so much as touches me..."

Sorry, the first thing I could think of with Ash. :)

Stewed Hamm said...

Raped by Trees: You lose 500 points.