Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End Of Line.

We here at the Victory Pellet Vault know just what you need, yes indeed, and it is naturally not on this site.

However if you have a spare $250.00 then you might want to head over to the Thretris site to pick up your very own Tron inspired NES. From their own website:


This original NES has been custom painted using a special blacklight reactive glow paint. The NES will glow in a blacklight VERY brightly, and will also charge up with light and glow without blacklight (just not as bright)

The NES has also been fitted with one of low-gain's NESmods, which adds dual 1/4" audio outputs to the back of the NES providing an amplified stereo like sound (split mono channels)

Also has BRIGHT blue power LED

NES comes with Original Power adaptor, RF switch, and original controller."

Head over to http://thretris.bigcartel.com/product/glowing-tron-nes and check out the video they've kindly included.

A big thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.

Unforgettable - Nat "King" Cole


CritAnime said...


Seriously though. Thats pretty epic the way it has been done. Hats off with that one. Although I don't have the spare monies to do it with :(

Vic Sage said...

I hear that, brother! Maybe we can talk the kind folks from Thetris into sending up a complementary NES so we can review it in depth?

Maybe I can trade them one of my Radium Chimps? ;)

Stewed Hamm said...

That's pretty cool looking... but how much UV radiation do you really want to fire around your game room to get it all glow-y like that?

CritAnime said...

I think if I sell both my kidneys and maybe my liver I could afford it :)

Vic Sage said...

Crit, if you do that...you might even be able to get it installed where those organs use to be!

But then Stewed Hamm would be quite right, you would have to use some heavy UV rays to get that thing to glow after that. :)