Monday, June 14, 2010

One Shall Stand...

...Many Shall Fall.
Over the weekend I was able to find an hour free to myself that didn't require my rushing back to work to settle issues here at the Vault. During that time I found myself playing the multiplayer demo for Transformers: War For Cybertron on X-Box Live. It was an hour that I enjoyed immensely.

While what the player is offered is a neutered version of the game that will be released on the 22nd of this month there was enough there to see in the demo that I feel confident saying it will be a very popular game online.

The hour that I was able to dedicate to the game had me filling the large metal shoes of an Autobot soldier class. An EMP shotgun toting, missile launching master of destruction, who when things get up close and personal (The best way) happens to pull out an Energon axe to swing into the head of any unfortunate Decepticreep that gets in his way. Of course I can also fall back on my alt mode of a futuristic tank if my weapons suddenly run dry...which I did...and the joy of running from a Decepticon soldier, turning the corner, and transforming into a tank before blasting him into eternity was quite priceless.

The next round I found myself with a Decepticon allegiance, it seems in the demo that you have no control of what side you will aligning yourself with, and once again I chose the soldier class but this time I picked a new set of weapons to see the difference in how they work. Now I need to add that the demo leaves out the Leader class as well as the Scientist class so the game will be a very different field of battle come the 22nd.

Hopefully tonight I might find some time to go back to the war torn surface of Cybertron and try out the Scout class, my bot was taken offline more than a few times by the Scout's ability to cloak and put a sword through the back of my head.

If any of you readers want to give me a yell on X-Box Live look for my gamertag: Unicron2005. A big thanks to for the above pics.

Short Change Hero - The Heavy


Christopher Tupa said...

Dang, that looks awesome! I really want an XBox...

Vic Sage said...

Christopher, the man in the red suit is just a few months away...before you know it you could be standing shoulder to shoulder with Ironhide on the surface of Cybertron. :)

Stewed Hamm said...

So... it seems I now need to knock over a liquor store or something so as to purchase an Ex-Bachs. I shall have to begin my surveillance and planning.