Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay. Up until last night I had never even heard of a game called King and Balloon. Rachel bought me an X-Box 360 game called Namco Museum Virtual Arcade and this was one of the 37 games available to play. Balloons drop Galaxian style towards the King at the bottom of the screen and you play as two men who must defend him. If he is nabbed a balloon he is quickly hauled up and you hear a digitized voice call out "Help!", where as if you fail you receive a "BYE BYE!" and if you pop the balloon you are rewarded with a "Thank You".

For all intents and purposes of the enemies and even sound effects it IS Galaxian. Just Balloons instead of space ships. I played this game a good hour, it is very fun but it is also pretty dang hard. They throw more 'arrows' at you than the Galaxians did lasers so its pretty easy to get hit by a balloon while doding an arrow.

I always enjoy these kind of game collections as gems like this show up, I tried to find a picture of a King and Balloon arcade cabinet but had no luck. I did find out that the game only goes up to level 48. Even Twin Galaxies has no record of a high-score holder for this game.

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