Monday, April 13, 2009

First Intellivison game I played...

Lock 'N' Chase is probably one of the greatest Intellivision games produced, sort of like Pac-Man as you can see from the picture above but the innovations made by the creators let it stand on its own.

At the time, 1982, I did not know that Lock 'N' Chase was an arcade port and unfortunately I've yet been able to play one of the stand-up versions. However I can say with all certainty that my Grandmother and I almost wore out the Intellivision controllers while playing this during the summer of '82.

In both versions of the game you are a thief who finds himself within a museum and dead set on looting the entire place by picking up all the coins and the various other treasures that appear randomly. Hot on your heels are the police and your only 'weapon' is the ability to close two gates at a time, timing it so the police are between the gates so you can lock them in place for a short time.

A little bit of reading from the Wiki shows that in the arcade version the policemen or SuperD's are named, Stiffy, Scaredy, Smarty, and Silly. Which goes to show the attempt to make itself more like Pac-Man. There is a bug in the arcade version that allows a player to obtain a million points by entering one of the side gates and quickly pressing up and down on the joystick.

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