Friday, April 3, 2009

Dook was my favorite.

Dook Larue was always my favorite of the Rockafire Explosion band. For my 12th birthday, my father took me to Showbiz and while I had no friends to speak of at least I had cousins that could fill up empty chairs. I received a record along with a ton of tokens, the record had the Beatles cover of Birthday and then a solo with Dook on the other side that was Heartaches. Still have it in fact.

My love of Showbiz Pizza has uncovered that at certain locations towards the end of its run, Yogi and Boo boo began to show up, in place of Billy Bob. Very weird.


Dax said...

Wow, that's very weird.

Dook seemed to be the favorite among kids 'back in the day'. The same way the percussion guys always seemed to be the "popular" guys in Jr. High band.

Vic Sage said...

Are you saying Dook got the most dates?

Dax said...

No...if you're talking about getting dates, that's all on the guitar player.

Beach Bear had a lot of fun in the 80's, I'm sure.