Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Dang that Genie!"

Another golden oldie for arcade games, Arabian, which like Bagman I was able to play for the first time at Showbiz Pizza. I seemed to have the hang of playing this one back in my youth, while not being able to complete the 4th screen I was able to get to the 3rd every time without any loss of lives.

In the game you played a prince that was rushing through a storybook setting to rescue a princess from the palace she is being imprisoned at. Each level started with the opening of a book page. Along the way you had to avoid crows, pink things, and a genie that kept popping up to throw a ball of fire at you.

Looking at the Twin Galaxies scoreboard it seems that a Chuck Futtrell hold the record score for the game with an impressive 219, 750. Apparently the maximum possible score.

Click the arcade cabinet picture to make it super big!


Dax said...

Arabian was one of my "2nd tier" go-to games at Showbiz (if Gauntlet, Star Wars, Gyruss, Galaga and Sinistar were occupied).

Other 2nd tier Dax games...Tempest, Xevious, and Crystal Castle.

Stewed Hamm said...

Oh Jesus, Gyruss...

I bet I've spent a good month or tow of my life playing that game. One of these days, I'll finally make it to Earth.

I might have spent 4 minutes playing Arabian. Might have.