Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where Unicron started.

This NES game in 1989 is what caused me to adopt Unicron as my name in all console based RPG's...as well as my X-Box Live handle. No real idea why a gigantic planet eating monster's name became the nom de plume for my digital avatars but I still use it for any new RPG I play that doesn't require pen and paper. Maybe it was because you only had a few spaces to come up with a name...and I was never one to put my own in that slot, I mean who would want Vic the Warrior to slay a Slime?
This was a game that took me a couple of weeks to beat, first I had rented it but I soon learned the errors of letting the game go back to the store and picking it up again on the weekend...Unicron had been erased and Buddy had taken his place. Which until now I had never thought about being the digital avatar of Stewed Hamm...Hmmm...perhaps we shall have a confession later this day?
I was finally able to convince my father to buy the game for me since he started looking at the price of the rentals versus owning the cartridge. Then like so many other games of this genre it became a family thing. My Grandmother and I making notes and maps or checking those supplied by the Nintendo Power magazine.
Many a afternoon was spent in my Grandparent's living room, homework thrown to the side, Bacon and Tomato sandwhich in front of me while I pushed Unicron the Warrior to rescue the ball of light and slay a mighty Dragon.
Now here is something I haven't seen before...the Dragon Warrior commercial. Enjoy.


Stewed Hamm said...

I promise you Vic, I kept my Power Gloves off of your digital whatsits. (Oh snap, a "Wizard" Reference!)

Vic Sage said...

Very well sir, very well. And a large Kudos for movies where a little girl screams "He touched my breasts!"

Stewed Hamm said...

Story of my life, bro... story of my life.