Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Which is more dangerous? Bats, Robots, or a giant Spider?

The second game I ever owned for the Intellivision was the now classic Night Stalker. Now when I first ordered it from the catalog I was somehow under the impression it was based on the 70's show with Darren McGavin, remember the Sears catalogs that just had the name of the product, no real picture or anything? Well, upon seeing the cover when I got it I was a little disappointed, but it did have two robots trying to zap a guy in white boots and matching outfit, so it couldn't be all bad.

This ranks up there in the top ten of favorite Intellivision games. In the upper levels the robots would not only get faster but it took more hits to destroy them. One of the nice things about said robots was every level had a different pair of the automatons to contend with, I particulary enjoyed the one that looked like Robbie the Robot. Good times.

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