Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Box art Wednesday break...for Tesla!

These are some pics of a new game scheduled to release next month entitled Dark Void. The storyline is pretty much guarranted to make me giddy.
"You play the part of William Grey, a cargo pilot in 1938 who has the unfortunate luck to crash in the Bermuda Triangle, where he is teleported to a parallel universe where he encounters other humans, called Survivors. Together, Will and the survivors must battle an alien race known as the Watchers to return to Earth. The Watchers came from afar, making humans do their bidding, whilst being treated as gods. Eventually people known as Adepts emerged and banished the Watchers to the realm in which our pilot is trapped. With the help of Nikola Tesla, they retrofit watcher technology and fight the watchers."

It also appears that you could win a car called the Tesla.


Lightbulb Detective Agency said...

that looks cool!

Vic Sage said...

This has gone to the top of the list for must have games.