Monday, October 26, 2009

"Let the carnage BEGIN!"

On the Super Nintendo there was only one racing game that I cared to play...ever. That was Silicon and Synapse's Rock N' Roll Racing. An intergalactic group of rebels and scoundrels who gather to race planet by planet for large sums of cash sounded like a good time to me. In fact I loved this game so much that I downloaded the ROM for my first laptop and played it pretty frequently at my job as cashier for a five-star restaurant. Thankfully I was pretty much left alone at my job.

Rock N' Roll Racing isn't so much about the's more concerned with the absolute fragging of any vehicle that dares to swerve in front of you. Of course the point of hoarding that hard earned cash was to buy the necessary upgrades to your vehicle, the standard stuff like tires, shock support, engines, missiles, mine drops, slip sauce, and most importantly shielding. You know...just like the care we have to give our vehicles today.

Another little bit of awesome with the game was the soundtrack, I mean how can it be called Rock N' Roll Racing if it doesn't have rock and roll, right? You were treated to Midi versions of:

The Peter Gunn theme by Henry Mancini
Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf
Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood
Highway Star by Deep Purple
Paranoid by Black Sabbath

Apparently they included Radar Love by Golden Earring for the Sega Mega Drive version. The most important bit of information is that Silicon and Synapse became a little known company now called Blizzard Entertainment. I think they have a game people play called World of Warcraft or something like that. Nothing to popular I assume.

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