Monday, October 12, 2009

New Elevator Action.

It looks like at least Japanese arcades are still doing a brisk trade in token collecting. At the latest arcade expo they unveiled Elevator Action: Death Parade, which is an odd name for the game but would have made an excellent 90's action flick.

I'm not able to find too much on the game itself but I can say for sure that those metal 'doors' on the arcade cabinet, shown in the picture above, open up when you step off the elevator, which is a pretty cool gimmick.

Taking a look at the second picture it would seem that you are fighting inhuman foes this type around as whatever those two guys are firing upon has at least three arms.

If I happen to run across any further information on the update of this classic 80's game I'll be sure to let you readers know.


Dax said...

Now I have the music from the original Elevator Action stuck in my head.

Vic Sage said...

You are welcome. At least my blog gives something to someone somewhere.