Thursday, October 8, 2009

It must be Thursday.

What more can you say?
Except that this is the very product that I was awarded, my very own leg lamp if you will, once Tetris had destroyed me physically and mentally in that Video Game Challenge so very long ago. Behold the majesty that is the Konami Laserscope for the NES. Gaze upon the very evil on the monitor behind me that still has me waking from night terrors where colorful blocks slowly tumble from the heavens to crush me beneath!
Putting this on my head...instant headache from the pressure against my ears.


Stewed Hamm said...

That look made Hugo Weaving look like a titanic douche nozzle... and it ain't doing any favors for you either.
Unless you're trying to be Epic Fail Guy, in which case I say unto you: well played, sir.

Also, Tetris is a girl's game.

Vic Sage said...

It is indeed, lad.

Vic Sage said...

Though let us not forget that with this pic I might be added to the Court of the King of Winter-Een-Mas. Perhaps I may be allowed to wear the Power Glove now?

Amelyn said...

Didn't know Lenin was a Tetris fan.