Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tower of ROM!

Friends you might had to squint really hard on these pictures and I apologize for that but it looks as if X-Box Live is thinking about opening up a retro arcade section for online playing. I can see the Atari logo very plainly but that lit up 'running' man is Intellivision and I believe I can make out a banner that reads Shark Shark! which is an Intellivision title so maybe both companies are partnering up for this little endeavor.

Many names are being bounced around for this service which will probably be a pay to play option unfortunately. The bounced around ideas for titles for the service are:

Game Room
Game Preserve
Game Gallery
Tower of Games
Classics Live
Tower of Rom

Now I think it should be Tower of Rom and it should win hands down but it is up to various game related sites and the final decision will be in the hands of Microsoft.

I'll post the first horror movie review a little later today.

Update: By clicking on the pic it does enlarge it slightly. There are Atari 2600 consoles on those three arcade machines...I like that. So maybe they'll be including 2600 titles as well?

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