Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Battle for Atlantis!

The Xbox Live Game Room launched last week to varying degrees of acceptance. While I am enthusiastic about being able to play two arcade games I've never even heard of and the joy of revisiting old Intellivision and Atari games...most players are not as impressed as we at the Victory Vault and for quite understandable reasons. At the moment there is about 15 games available for purchase and spread across three systems. Arcade, Atari, and Intellivision titles.

Most players I have talked to are reserving final judgment on the Game Room until more titles come out, which is what is scheduled to occur every week throughout the summer.

The title that I really took a shining to is called Battlantis, short for Battle for Atlantis, though I've found nothing beyond a very short wikipedia entry in terms of background history. It was released to the arcades in 1987 by Konami and seems to have had a sequel but that looks only to have been available in Japan.

In the game you fill the shoes or sandals of Cripeuss the III and attempt to repel the monsters invading your castle. While most sites compare its formula of game play to that of Space Invaders as the main monsters move back and forth firing their spells, spears, and arrows at you before dropping another level you must also be on guard for the monsters that run straight at your parapets and if not stopped they will climb up and strike you down where you stand. In later levels you also have to contend with flying enemies that will try to swarm down and unless you have obtained a power-up that allows you to shoot sideways...it's the end for Cripeuss.

I enjoy this game quite a bit but I'll not fool anyone for this is a very, very tough title. I've only been able to advance to level 4 but at the very least it seems the game is made up of clearly recognizable patterns to the enemy movement. So with time and patience I am sure I'll be able to reach the end...someday.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Oh, adding a new bit starting with today's post. Music of the day. Richard asked what might be playing through the Victory Pellet Vault as I observed my world domination schemes and for that inquisitiveness I promise tomorrow's Box Art Wednesday will be featuring Sega Genesis Titles.

It's Still Rock & Roll To Me


Tommy said...

I just played the demo of this on Game Room and thought it was pretty cool!

Vic Sage said...

It really is...but tough, man. :)