Monday, March 8, 2010

Walter Day retires.

We here are the Victory Vault are sad to see the legendary Walter Day step down as an official referee of Twin Galaxies, though none of us can fault him for wanting to retire after so many years of hard work. If it wasn't for Mr. Day and his love of Video Games we would never have record of those lofty high-scores some of us gamers shoot for.

He will go on and concentrate on his musical career, a small sampling of that was offered on the great documentary King of Kong.

On a happier note, Day has succeeded in getting Ottumwa nationally accepted as the Video Game Capital of the world. There are plans for a museum of Video Game history to be built there and this August 5th through the 8th there shall be a celebration. With many of the top score holders in a type of 'parade of champions' where one can get autographs and with a little luck, some of Billy Mitchell's hot sauce.

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