Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making a run for the border!

I have just learned, thanks to Kotaku, that if you head to Taco Bell you should be able to pick up some classic Atari 2600 titles for your PC enjoyment. Why are you still reading this? Go!

Update: As some kind readers have pointed out to me, the titles offered at Taco Bell, starting next week, are not Atari 2600 ports but rather the arcade originals. While wgungfu was the first to point my error in this post and received one of my prized Radium Chimps in the process, anonymous (Chuck?) shouldn't go empty handed...so I've decided to give him Vermont once my legions take it over. Congrats you two!


wgungfu said...

These aren't 2600 games, they're the arcade versions.

Vic Sage said...

Oh! Excellent, even better! Thank you for the heads up, wgungfu!

I'll send you one of my Radium Chimps as a prize. :)

Anonymous said...

You should fix your blog post the games are not 2600 versions, they are the arcade versions.

Vic Sage said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I'm afraid though I am not able to send you a Radium Chimp...that honor went to wgungfu. :)