Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Supercade signing off!

"End of line."
So the last posting for the day is an item I've posted the box cover for in a previous entry. The Tron boardgame is something I did not see on the shelves locally so I feel I was robbed of what looks to be a pretty neat game judging from the pictures.

According to the Toy Archive site, the boardgame offers actually three different 'modes' of play. The first part of the game consists of the player using his lightcycle to follow the arrows, encountering recognizers and tanks as they travel until they reach the MCP tower where they need to use their character (As seen in the last picture) to flip a disc at the tower to try to topple it over.

The second game offering is Arena (Last picture) in which two characters fling their disc into the center ring, trying to knock out the colored chips of the opposing character. The third offering is described as being basically the same game...but shuffleboard.

I like that the characters you can choose as your playing pieces. Tron, Sark, Yori, and Dumont. So you can't play Flynn but you are able to choose as your boardgame representation, Barnard Hughes. I am so behind that idea it hurts!

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