Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Box art Wednesday interrupted.

Sorry to break with my usual box art uploading for this Wednesday's blog but I have received information that more than makes up for it. It would seem that a few online journalists that have a hand in gaming have been sent packages. The packages are labeled as being from an organization calling itself, Flynn Lives.

Of course they are referring to that almost mythical man, Kevin Flynn, who in the 1980's almost single handily revolutionized the gaming world. I remember reading about that fabled arcade of his, Flynn's, where all of Encom's greatest hits were sucking down the quarters. Vice Squad, Matrix Blaster, Light Cycles, and of course the classic Space Paranoids. These legendary games were given places of high honor at Flynn's.

Then of course Kevin Flynn was let go in 1981 by the CEO of Encom, Ed Dillinger, some claiming that it was a dispute over being given credit for the games he was creating for the company. Though he was rehired in 1983 and became Vice president of Creative Development. With his release of the arcade game, Tron, he lead Encom to becoming the most successful video game company in the world.

Then in 1985 at the top of his game he retired from Encom to create "a digital frontier that will reshape the human condition." Nothing was heard from him until 1989 when it was reported that the genius had just...disappeared. Of course Encom has continued to grow in profit and size but without Kevin is just a souless corporation.

However, this post is about that package that was received. Two tokens from Flynn's arcade were within it and well as a note with two web addresses scribbled upon them:

By clicking on the bouncing grid bug, you get a timer and some cryptic instructions on where to meet...since the San Diego Comic-Con is just now starting I will assume it is directions to a location there...could they be opening a new Flynn's there?! Perhaps like a modern day Willy Wonka, Kevin Flynn will finally reveal himself...I just hope he hasn't become all Howard Hughes with long fingernails and collecting his own urine.

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