Saturday, July 18, 2009

Still some Saturday Supercade.

While I may not have had much access to new Arcade game info by way of magazine, Joystik being the only one I knew of and its publication schedule was peculiar, I at least had Starcade to keep me up on what was out there in the arcades.


Stewed Hamm said...

I remember the show where they made a huge deal our of Dragon's Lair. Instead of 5 different games like they usually had, they had 5 Dragon's Lair machines, so that they could show off more of the game.
Looking back now, they very rarely had people that were any good at a particular game. Winning that show was pretty much a crapshoot in getting a game you were decent at. Seriously, who could actually rack up points playing shit like Bagman?

Vic Sage said...

Yeah, that Dragon's Lair episode was a killer. Even my dad shut his trap long enough to watch the episode...from that day on I was hooked on Don Bluth.