Friday, July 17, 2009


The Sega corporation in 1982 released this little gem to the arcades across the nation. My first experience with the game like the classic Defender was at the supermarket chain Food 4 was also the first time I saw a young woman flip off an arcade game.

Pengo is a red penguin whose task is to finish each level by either crushing all the roaming Sno-Bees by pushing ice blocks to smash them or the joining of the three diamond shaped blocks together. In emergency situations to escape the Sno-Bees, Pengo, could break through blocks of ice...of course the Sno-Bees could do the same by punching through them.

There are only 16 levels in the game with the 17th starting over and ramping up the difficulty. In my research I found there is an easter egg, in attract mode, push the two joysticks to up, press the two action buttons and one button of start game, and it will show the credits of the game. After a few seconds, the game will reset.

Also the Twin Galaxies website reports that Rodney Day of Canberra, Austraila has held the world record score for Pengo since August 13th, 1983. The winning score is 1,110,370 points. This score has also been recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records.


Dax said...

I loved was my go-to game at The Skate Place.

Vic Sage said...

Were you any good at it though?

Stewed Hamm said...

I can't stand Pengo. Probably because I sucked royally at it.

Dax said...

I was good at it, sure!

I think the visceral appeal of smushing creatures to death with blocks of ice was what called me to it.