Friday, July 31, 2009


Okay you are going to want to click those top two pictures at least just to really get the surreal vibe off this upcoming game for the Wii that Warren Spector has cooked up.

The reports are saying that the story revolves around the older Disney characters including Oswald, Horace, Clarabell, etc. getting fed up with Mickey hogging all the limelight so they go to war against the 'typical' Disney characters...which results in some serious screwed-up art like above.

Being a Wii game your job is to help use paint to repair the damages that have been done by the rogue 'toons. You'll be using thinner to erase the unruly Disney characters during battles so it will not just be a painting game.

I have no idea how Warren Spector got Disney to agree to this because some of this art is just nightmarish...I mean look at that beach scene with the Seven Dwarf heads...maybe he and John Lassiter are good buddies or something. I can't wait to see a trailer for this thing though.

Warren Spector is respected in the game industry, he has had a hand in Wing Commander, Ultima, Thief, System Shock, and lately Deus Ex. This Wii game is entitled at the moment as Epic Mickey.


Dax said...

Wow, first they set up a Flynn's arcade, now this? Is Disney becoming awesome?

Vic Sage said...

Could be. Could be.