Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why do the Dwarves Cry?

In 1988 there was a release for PC and various console systems a game that was, considered by many, to have been forged in the depths of Hell itself. That game was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance. An "RPG" game that dealt with the first volume of lore from the Dragonlance series, Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

I pity the poor souls who had to slave away at this product, for their hatred of the gaming public must have been so strong as to summon up a level 65 Lethus Dragon who then went on to become their production manager. Everything about this game was broken.

While Dragonlance was my first foray into the realm of literary fantasy, I was a late comer to the works of Tolkien, I held not love for this product. You were able to control, one at a time, the eight heroes of the novel. The point of the game is to use each character upon a certain level but the difficulty on this title was so hard that it didn't really matter which character you chose because they were going to die.

Your mental fantasy of becoming Sturm Brightblade and swinging into a Draconian is cut pretty short when it explodes on death and there are three more behind it...welcome to your first fifteen seconds of the game. I only had luck with Raistlin and Tasslehoff since they were long distance fighters.

Supposedly there were two more games in the series but I do not remember seeing them myself, perhaps they debuted only upon the PC. Now if you will excuse me, I shall go over to this here stump and pass away.

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