Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Classic arcade game equipment.

These items besides your obvious Levi jeans were what you needed to make the grade at your local arcade. Gaze upon these relics of old and remember the glory that was to be had while you strode through the throngs of lesser arcade players wearing this ensemble. It has been whispered in the shadowy corners of arcades worldwide that if one were to put in a quarter or token in an Atari machine while wearing the official jacket...one would get an extra life immediately.
This has nothing to do with the rumor back in the day that the Goverment was kidnapping top game players and taking them to a Helicarrier...even I knew that one wasn't real.


Dax said...

I only had one of those things.

Vic Sage said...

The walkman?

Dax said...

Yep, that exact version, too.

Pop a cassette tape of Rush's Moving Pictures in that bad boy and you're ready to go.