Monday, December 28, 2009

Food Fight!

In 1983, Atari released one of my favorite arcade games, Food Fight. Doing some research, which in this case was Wikipedia, I found out that the player takes on the role of Charley Chuck...a boy who is just trying to eat an ice cream cone in peace but has to contend with four chefs whose main goal is to tackle the boy and or pelt him mercilessly with various piles of food. That bit of Wiki searching has let me know that the chefs have names as well. Oscar, Angelo, Jacques, and Zorba.

Food Fight is one of those games that I would easily spend a buck on back in the olden days and my faulty memory tells me it was usually in a lower corner of Showbiz Pizza, next to Jungle Hunt, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, as well as Wizard of Wor.

The Wiki says that some of the Food Fight machines had track balls installed in the cabinets but I can't see how that would have worked very well with controlling Charley and throwing food at the chefs. The cabinet I played definitely had a controller on it.

One of the bits that Wiki was able to confirm for me was that every once in a while, generally when you pulled off a daring escape or just pelted the Chefs to the point of saturation. The game would do a quick instant replay.

As an added bonus feature to this post...enjoy some Starcade featuring Food Fight. Oh, if you take a moment to click the top pic, to the right of the Food Fight cabinet is what looks to be a Road Runner arcade game.

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