Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Take that, Lee!

So last night the wife and I had a night out, it's been a while to be sure, and since for a few days I've been under the weather we treated ourselves to a dinner at Red Robin. At our local R.R. they have an Ms. Pac-Man machine, I decided to waste some time by giving it a go. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the Ms. Pac-Man cabinet houses a systems that contains 4 pages of classic games.

I was grinning like a madman ear to ear as I almost selected Mr. Do! and Donkey Kong but I decided to go with Dig-Dug. At the end of my quarter I had beaten the high-score by about 5,000 points. Hurling whomever Lee is down a notch. I was even geeky enough to ask the waitress if they turned the machines off at night, she said they didn't and it looked like the machine had a bit of screen burn so who knows, maybe my initals are still there!

Oh, the French Dip was great as well as the gingerbread shake.

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