Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ice-T is going to bust a cap in your @$$!

When I first heard that Ice-T was one of the hundreds of thousands that stood in line for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2...I just figured he was in the wrong line, maybe he thought it was an open casting call for CSI: Miami, I thought perhaps he was just wanting a change of scenery.

However...since he plunked down the money for the Collector's Edition of COD:MW2 which includes real night vision goggles...I felt that maybe he was indeed a fan of the game. In fact he was quoted from the picture above, "I'm rollin', comin' through buildings, you gonna die!"

The kind folks over at Kotaku have secured not only his gamer tag, Lord 187X, but his really freaking hard to get achievements.

The Show achivement
10 kills/No deaths

Supernatural achievement
Kill/Death ration over 10

Immortal achievement
Highest kill/death ratio

No word on if he plays online with Gary Busey, Rutger Hauer, and Charles S. Dutton. Though from the safety of the Victory Pellet vault...I can only dream that this happens.

Thanks to Kotaku for the pics!


Dax said...

Yesterday I saw a scene from Law & Order: Whichever One Ice-T Is On, and there was Richard Belzer and Ice-T asking questions at a crime scene.

I thought to myself, "Never in the history of law enforcement has there been a partnership like this."

Stewed Hamm said...

The opening credits to Law & Order: SUV is easily the oldest running gag still on television. Every time Ice-T shows up in the reel, I laugh my ass off.
But hey, if he's got the cash to sit around playing X-Box all day, then more power to him. At least he's doing something he enjoys, and is (very) good at.