Monday, December 14, 2009

Some late news from 1984!

Just happened to visit the 1984 site and was pleased to discover this bit of info:

"World Record Set At 1984!
Written by Lincoln Whisler
Tuesday, 20 October 2009
On September 9th, 2009 Mark Kiehl stepped into history. Since 1982 at the age of 11 Mark has been playing Donkey Kong Junior. As a teen ager he had plenty of opportunity to play and work on his skills and was able to push his score up around 250,000. But after his local arcade sent the Donkey Kong Junior machine away it was a rare opportunity for him to be able to play the game again after that. Years later Mark began playing again using MAME on his home computer to simulate his favorite game. And, after learning about 1984 Aracade he started to visit us in person to play, practice and begin a string of record setting attempts. Now we are proud to announce that Mark Kiehl is the Official World Record holder of the highest score ever set on on Donkey Kong Junior. His score of 1,147,800 goes into the record books of Twin Galaxies Arcade (the official score keeper for world records). The score he beats was just set earlier this year by Steve Wiebe who became famous for his back and fourth battle for the world record for Donkey Kong in the film "Fist Full Of Quarters". The high score set by Billy Mitchell in 1983 help up through 2008 when it was eclipsed by Ike Hall. The owners at 1984 are very proud to have a world record set at our location, but we are very happy that it was Mark that did it."


Dax said...

I hope Steve Wiebe bounces back from this.

Vic Sage said...

Ah, Steve is a fighter. He'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Live in an arcade?! Nice. Bonus points for that!