Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Box Art Wednesday Break...Going Down The Rabbit Hole Edition.

Greetings, Programs!
Well the countdown on the binary clock for the Flynn Lives site ended this morning and as I greeted the day it offered a gigantic gift for mine eyes.

It seems that in the cities that were located on the countdown, all across the world at various arcades, there are people standing outside them wearing Flynn Lives t-shirts. If one were to approach these people and give them the password for that city they would receive a package with additional information that would lead them to another location where a hidden package awaits. What is in the package? Check out the second and third photos above.

I would stand up to Sark a hundred times over to receive a Tron wallet not to mention an Encom receipt and those two glorious arcade tokens.

I've been monitoring the site all day to see what will transpire once these codes like the one pictured on the Tron trading card above are entered in. So far all the cards that have had their codes entered are on the site, trading card art from the original movie and when one clicks on them they flip over to reveal a piece of a bigger the moment it looks like Flynn's son in his video game warrior costume approaching an open and white light filled room.

What happens when they are all claimed? Who knows, dear readers, but I'm sure it'll be glorious.

Update #1: 18 cards left to be filled in on the picture, though Madrid was a bust. It does indeed look like Flynn's son. At least to me.

Update #2: 13 cards to go.

Update #3: 4 cards to go. I forgot to mention there is a Bit at the bottom of the picture in his 'No' state. I'm betting that when we fill in those last cards it will switch to a 'yes'.

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Dax said...

What's funny is, I bet I've been to that Madrid arcade. Pretty sure I beat Golden Axe there in 1990.