Monday, February 8, 2010

You enter this game with the key of imagination...

First of all, the last image has nothing to do with the Twilight Zone computer game, but it has all to do with just being a really creepy image.
I have to say I didn't even know of the existence of a Twlight Zone game other than the pinball machine I once had the pleasure of playing.
It seems the Twilight Zone PC game was created in 1988 by First Two Software Publishing Inc. and released by Gigabit Systems, Inc. and from what little I can find on this game it was received with less than welcome arms by the public at large.

One review I found from the site Abandonia has this to say about it:
"The presentation is lousy, and in a text adventure presentation is one of the few things that matter. If your game is based on a player's need to read tons of text, you should strive to make it readable. The Twilight Zone fails to do even that. The room descriptions are cluttered, continuous text, with nary any spacing to ease the reading. The game responses are just jammed in between the prompt, again without spacing."
It seems from what I can find that the Twilight Zone PC game was really just made to cash in on the name of Rod Serling's fantastic creation. Which is a shame to say the least.

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