Thursday, February 11, 2010

It Must Be Thursday...Special Edition.

While the pics above have nothing to do with games of the 80's they do have everything to do with an awesome movie toy of the 80's.

When I was about twelve I found these offering you see above, along with Knight Rider, and the A-team film cartridges at my local Kay*Bee toy store. I asked my Grandmother to buy one but that plea was turned down. So I figured I would wait until the weekend and see if my Father was an easier mark.

Imagine my young surprise when I went back that weekend and they were all gone. They never restocked them either. So for over 26 years I've been wracking my brain and the internet trying to find out what these portable movie viewers were called when just by luck I stumbled upon Jon's Random Acts of Geekery and lo did it feel like a massive weight had been lifted from my soul.
Thanks to Jon's kindness I am able to share what is now a Holy Grail item, one that I will have to scour E*bay for to see if it's possible to finally get one of these into my hands!
Make sure to go visit Jon's Blog, it like the Retroist site I've mentioned is full of win.


Jon K said...

Thanks for the compliments and the linkage, Vic! If there's any other toys from that era you've been struggling to recall, please feel free to ask me -- I may well have it in my photo files somewhere!

Vic Sage said...

It seems to me, Jon, that you also have a great love for Universal's Monsters. Do you happen to have any photos of the Monster's castle playset? If I remember correctly it was for Mego toys...could be wrong on that though.

Jon K said...

Of course I do!

Vic Sage said...

That is just awesome, Jon. It's a shame that we don't get more of a consumer presence for Universal Monsters anymore.

Let's hope the new Wolfman is the start. :)