Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Red Robin Round 3!

Last evening, screwing my courage to the sticking point, I left the Victory Vault with Sharry on my arm to go and mix with the common people of the Adirondack mountains. Since Red Robin has no qualms about my armed Radium Chimps we decided that this was our dining destination of the evening.

Of course while I love the Prime Rib sandwich I find the true goal of such a visit is to get my initials on the high-score board of their multi-title arcade game. Last night was no exception.

I beat my still reigning high-score for Dig-Dug by a good 10,000 more points as well as taking the top spot on Frogger. I looked to make sure my title was in good standing for Mappy...but of course no one seems to play the game...so that victory is rendered moot.

There was a very disastrous round of Donkey Kong, probably the worst game of my life, I didn't even clear the first level. Sigh.

I was introduced to an 80's arcade game that I had truly never heard of before, Crush Roller. I gave it a go...and just didn't do very well. I'll make sure to post about the game in a future update once I learn about it.

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