Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I chose the impossible."

No, I'm not talking about the Victory Pellet Blog. I'm once more referring to Andrew Ryan from the original Bioshock, which just last week I had the pleasure of finishing up its sequel. It's always good to take the time and visit the city of Rapture but I sure wouldn't want to live there...or would I?

For those that purchased the Collector's Edition of Bioshock 2 which I am constantly kicking myself for not doing so, they received many wonderful items in their set. A full LP album featuring the music from the game, as well as an artbook, and three frameable posters of the kind you see throughout the decimated city of Rapture.

But...it seems those posters hold just a little more in them...when a black light is applied to the posters they reveal messages.

1) Rapture failed We will not
2) Where is Dr. Lamb?
3) The end of RYAN IS the end of the SELF

Now these are some of the messages you find scrawled across the walls in the game but it is a wonderful little surprise to those who own the posters none the less.

Thanks to Kotaku for the pics!

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