Friday, March 20, 2009

Eggplant wizard?

In 1987 I thought Kid Icarus and Metroid were the height of video game excellence. I even bought Kid Icarus as a download on my Wii, you just turn the Wii controller sideways and it resembles the button layout of the old NES controller.
There is even an enemy from Metroid in the game, though it is called Komayto, and its description in the game manual is that it might have come from another planet. Like Metroid's 'secret' ending, Kid Icarus had its own. If you completed it within the time limit, Pit (What kind of name is that?) will become older, a teenager and receive a kiss for his efforts.
I never have obtained this secret ending...yet.


Dax said...

I've done the secret ending, but only using whatever the secret cheat code was (I forget how that worked).

Lightbulb Detective Agency said...

I never has this game, but I always thought it looked really cool...I remember looking at a map of it in some nintendo hint book...very fun times..

Vic Sage said...

Yep...Dax...ever the cheater when it comes to games. Sigh. ;)