Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Great scott!"

Wow. It's the Back to the Future game for the NES. A game where you have to dodge hula hooping girls and bowling balls in the streets. A game that defies any logic...a game that could only have been created by LJN. Those same folks who brought us the 'Exciting' X-men game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You know the one that the kind folks at the Nintendo Hotline told me that the way to reach Magneto is you turn off the system and back on really fast.
The premise of the game is just like the movie, sort of, you have to get your parents together before the picture at the bottom of the screen fades away, luckily there are thousands of alarm clocks strewn about the streets for you to collect plus the player can find various object to help him such as love poems, a cup of coffee, alien suit and a guitar. He also has a skateboard to move around quickly.
Yeah. I played this game for about thirty minutes before returning it back to the rental store.

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