Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh, Yeaahh!

It's everyone's favorite master of destruction, Kool-Aid Man! Can you stop the Thirsties from draining your pool? Can you find the water, sugar, or Kool-Aid soft drink mix to get bigger so the Thirsties can't push you around? Could you collect 125 proof of purchase points to receive this Atari 2600 game?
Oh, there was an easter egg of sorts as well. "Have the TV Type switch on B&W. During a game you need to be at the top of the screen when the timer is at 40 seconds. At that moment, hit Select and you'll turn into the letters JT (for Jane Terjung) and all the Thirsties will turn into ST (for Stephen Tatsumi). If you turn into Kool-Aid Man, you'll be a large JT."

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